Your Ministry In Your Home

The day dawns.  And she wakes.  Rising, she slips from the comfort of a pillow topped mattress, soft warm sheets, and the arms of an adoring husband.  He squeezes her hand as she lets it slides across his shoulder.  The gesture says “I love you.”

He is thankful for her ministry to him.  He drifts back to sleep, knowing.  Knowing her heart is to do him good.  His heart fully trusts in her.

tfh ministry

The home is silent still.  The floor creaks under her bare feet.  She tip toes to find a spot to read His word. It is life.  She offers a prayer for her family, for her day.

These few moments of slience, solitude, …peace, she knows they are brief.  This day will be full again.  Everyday is.

It will be an average day, a day of laundry and dishes.  A day of answering questions from inquisitive toddlers, excited 9 year olds, or pondering teens.  A day of changing diapers, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and lost shoes.  

A day that many other women have traded for dry cleaning and styrofoam cups; of answering phones from demanding customers and changing lanes in rush hour traffic.  A day of take-out food and lost opportunities and blessings. 

But she knows where her place is.  She knows her ministry.  She knows her calling is in her home.  No one appluads her efforts.  The world will never praise her for her service, as long as it is to her family.
Very seldom will she hear words of encouragement, words that say:
“Your home is where you need to be.  You are what your family needs.  Only you can can care for your husband, for your children in the way the LORD has ordained them to be cared for.”

“No housekeeper, cook or day care provider can give the love and nurture that you daily provide for your own family.”

No real life person takes her hand and speaks these words of life to her. Still, she rises while it is yet night to provide food for her family.  She continues day after day to eat not the bread of idleness.  She keeps on with arms strong for her tasks and continues to speak with kindness and wisdom.

Her husband praises her.  Her children rise to call her blessed.  She excels over many women who do virtuously, not for her beauty or charm, but for her fear of the LORD, as;

“A woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.”   Proverbs 31:30

Dear sisters, your ministry to your own husband and children in your own home can not be underestimated, can not be replaced by another.
Be encouraged today as you live virtuously.
Your worth is far above rubies.
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It was mid December in 1998.  We had just 3 small children and my husband had just started work again, after being in between jobs for several months.  We had just begun to pay of late bills so buying extras for the Christmas season was out of the question.


We had been participating in a small home group study each Sunday evening with others from our church and the leader asked each of us to purchase a coffee cup for the mug exchange we were to have the next week.

Jason and I knew it would be difficult to find the funds to purchase mugs, but we went shopping several days later, looking for just the right cups.  I can still see us standing there in that Hallmark store, each with a $10 mug in our hand, the least expensive options available.

We hesitated then said what we were both thinking, “We can’t get these, there is no way we can afford this.”  We put the mugs back on the shelf and walked out.

We went to Bible study that next Sunday, with no mugs to exchange.  We sat in a circle as everyone before us grabbed a wrapped mug from the table and opened it to see what it would look like.  The idea was to purchase a mug that had a phrase or scene that meant something to you.

Our turn came and I looked up at my husband who simply said, “We aren’t able to participate.”  The group moved on and those to the left of us continued to unwrap a mug one person at a time.

We enjoyed the rest of the evening and nothing was ever said of our lack of participation.

The next day, as my husband walked out the door to head for work, he asked me to email the group leader and let him know the reason we weren’t able to participate.  The email I sent read something like this:

“Hi ….

Jason and I wanted to apologize for not being able to join in the mug exchange.   We tried, but we’re still getting back up on our feet financially and when we went to the store to each buy one, we knew we couldn’t afford them.

We only have a Christmas tree because of Jason’s friend who brought us one when he learned the reason why we didn’t have one.  And we have just a few presents for the kids.

I just wanted to let you know it wasn’t because we didn’t want to participate, we did.  I hope we didn’t offend anyone….”

Shortly received a reply quickly from our leader who apologized profusely.  He asked if we’d be at church that night for the Christmas eve service and I said we planned to be.  As we walked in the doors that evening, a friend came up and asked for our car keys.  We handed them over then enjoyed the service.

When we got to the car that night after the service we could barely fit the children in the back seat for all the gifts!  Our entire car trunk, and much of the back seat was stuffed full of presents.  We were blown away and blessed beyond belief.  Among the gifts was a certificate for a free turkey, an envelope of cash and even a few things for Jason and I.

When we’d left our house that night for church just a few little boxes sat tucked under the tree for the next morning, when we returned that night and brought everything in, our living room, and our hearts, were full!

It was a Christmas that Jason and I will remember the rest of our lives.  Not for the material blessings but for the outpouring of love from church family, friends and even people we had never met.

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Being a Good Guest~14 Do’s and Dont’s

There is a lot of encouragement and information on hospitality, how to be a gracious hostess and the like, but I haven’t seen much if anything about being a good guest.  With Thanksgiving being just a day away, this seemed like a good topic.

tfh good guest

How To Be a Bad Guest

Sometimes looking at the antithesis, how to be a bad guest, is more productive than discussing the positive aspects of a subject.  So here are some no-no’s when you visit in others homes.

  1. Don’t change your baby on the dining room table
  2. Don’t let your children go into private areas of the home unless invited
  3. Don’t not offer to help the hostess
  4. Don’t over offer either though
  5. Don’t clean up if she has asked you to leave it
  6. Don’t leave without offering to help pick up toys your children have played with
  7. Don’t overstay your welcome

How To Be A Good Guest

Now let’s look at the other side of it.  What can you do to make the visit more pleasant?

  1. Do remove your shoes if asked
  2. Do ask her for the broom if she is washing dishes
  3. Do clean up messes from the meal your children make
  4. Do take your cues from the hostess
  5. Do ask to use her bathroom, etc. especially if you’ve not been in her home often
  6. Do bring her a hostess gift, a small token of appreciation (A box of her favorite tea, a candle in her favorite scent. Something less than $5)
  7. Do offer to bring a contribution for the meal

Sometimes just thinking beforehand how to behave as a guest in the homes of others can put you at ease if you’re feeling a bit nervous or unsure.

What else would you add to either of these lists?


Why You May Not Be Productive At Home

What is homemaking to you? A delight or drudgery? Joyful or mundane? What homemaking is or isn’t,  but what you perceive it to be, that’s what it is for you. 

Why you may not  be productive at home

Henry Ford once said:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

This characterizes many homemakers today.  Many times it’s how we think about it, in a word, it’s our mindset.

Ladies, when others state that homemaking is mundane or drudgery, please know this isn’t true.  At least not when using the actual definitions of those words. And, referring to our callings as such is a lie, a deception, and a hindrance to us being productive at home.

We can’t take this Divine calling of ours, say it’s menial, dull or unimaginative and not have it affect our productivity.  We are to be highly productive, continually producing good fruit and busy with the daily necessities, working heartily as unto the LORD.

How Did We Get Here?

In order to change our mindsets (or renew our minds- Romans 12:2)  we should be familiar with how the feminists in the last century got women out of their homes and into the workforce.

These “liberated” women called what was good evil, and evil good. Or to say it plainly, they sold our grandmothers on the idea that homemaking was for “feeble-minded girls,” a job suited to the poor ladies who were in danger of destroying their identities.  And it took hold.

Here’s another quote:

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

― Adolf Hitler

There is truth to this, and over and over again, long enough and loud enough, feminists chanted:

“No woman should be authorized to stay at home and raise her children. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.”  Simone de Beauvoir

Betty Friedan shares a similar view:

“[Housewives] are mindless and thing-hungry…not people. [Housework] …arrests their development at an infantile level, short of personal identity with an inevitably weak core of self… [The] conditions which destroyed the human identity of so many prisoners were not the torture and brutality, but conditions similar to those which destroy the identity of the American housewife.”

Those are strong sentiments!  And somehow, someway we’ve embraced it.  It goes back to yesterday’s post that asks, “Are you an ‘I don’t feel like it’ kind of homemaker.” Over time we live and breathe cultural lies, and no matter how much we enjoy our families and homes, the current worldview infects us, taints us and moves us to behave in certain ways.

If there is one specific point to all of this it is this:  We are not immune to our surroundings.  Though we are not of the world, we are still very much in the world and we can’t escape it’s ideology.  We have been defiled by worldly beliefs and it has affected our lives, specifically our lives as homemakers.

What Do We Do Now?

Well, we don’t head for the hills.  Isolating ourselves completely creates it’s own set of issues.  What we can do though, and what we need to do is get back into God’s Word.  We again do as Romans 12:2 says and renew our minds, with His Word, His music and His people.

We pray without ceasing and, (this may be, after continuing in the Bible each day, the second best way to try to keep ourselves from being further polluted) we teach these truths to our children.  Yes they need to know about our Savior and they need to learn to fear and obey God, but let’s not let us neglect practical teachings as well that will provide our children with the necessary armor.  And as a beautiful benefit, in the process of teaching truth to our children, we are able to renew our minds and live not as the fools but as wise.

Seek joy in your homes.  Seek truth in your minds.  Live the truth you know, not the lies you’ve encountered.


Are You An “I Don’t Feel Like It” Kind of Homemaker?

We live in an increasingly if it feels good do it type of society. That message comes at us from every angle. Slogans with this mindset abound in America.  And I dare say it has infected us as homemakers.

Are you and "I don't feel like it" kind of homemaker?

Maybe we haven’t bought into this exact idea so much, but I do believe we have embraced it’s antithesis: If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. Or worse yet, if I don’t feel like it, I don’t always do it.

A quick look at our family and home will prove this to each of us:

Are the children dressed? Teeth brushed, hair combed? Clean faces? Have we seen to it that they’ve finished the chores we’ve assigned?

What about our home: Are the dishes clean? The laundry? Is this morning’s oatmeal turning to cement on our kitchen counter, table or stove? Are there enough crumbs under the table to feed a world of insects? Scattered shoes by the front door?

And us: Sloppy ponytail? Yesterday’s makeup? Yoga pants and over-sized t-shirt?

Do we have solid reasons for neglecting the above? (Newborn baby, illness, etc…)

If  not, and if we’re online and our house and children are in need of care, we may have not attended to these duties because… drum roll please… we didn’t’ feel like it. 

We can’t plead ignorance on this one either. Surely we know the laundry on the bathroom floor is dirty. And we know how to wash it.   What excuse have we? We didn’t feel like it?

But shouldn’t clean laundry make us feel good? I know that I prefer to wear clean clothes over dirty ones. My husband and children look much nicer in clean clothes. How long should our feelings continue to control our actions?

Sometimes I feel like eating half a chocolate pie, but I control my actions and ignore those feelings and just eat one piece.

“Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.”  James 4:17)

We know we are to have self control. The bible says so:

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.”  Galations 5:22-23

“Training us to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright, and godly lives in the present age…” Titus 2:12

If we follow the world’s ways, we do continue in sin, and the Bible speaks to this as well:

“Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.”  James 4:4

A lack of self control can wreak havoc on our lives.

What Are We To Do Now?

Let’s encourage one another to good works.  No reason to wallow in our sinfulness and misery. We know we are to control ourselves, we know we are to care for our family and home, we know we are to continually renew our minds so that we will know the will of God and we know that not doing the good we know we ought to be doing is sin.

So now we put on the armor of God, resist the devil and diligently seek good works. I’d also recommend turning on some praise and worship music to keep your mind where it should be.

Homemaking and all it encompasses is power, why else would the enemy attack it so?  We wrestle not against flesh and blood. 

Joyfully fighting along side of you…


Mothers Who Recognize the Value of Homemaking

Jen McBride of Noble Womanhood shared this quote by Karen Andreola on her blog recently and it fit so well with what I’ve been writing and thinking over that I wanted to share it here as well, and add a few thoughts:


“Mothers who recognize the value of homemaking see that there is an art to it. A mother builds a happy home brick by brick, laid upon strong moral principles. From her home the majesty of her inspiring leadership has a spiral affect. Like a pebble dropped in apond it spirals outward in ever widening circles. Rather than society influencing the home it ought to be the Christian home influencing society.

Righteousness brings beauty of character. Character creates harmony in the home. Harmony in the home fosters order to civilization…Isn’t this what is meant by “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world?”

This almost entirely sums up all I would write here in one tidy paragraph.  A mother who sees the art of homemaking can be visualized as a beautiful ballet.  Soft and feminine, smooth and graceful, prepared and calculated yet incredibly flexible.  For the homemaker who has realized the art of homemaking, her influence in her home is far reaching.

She can have a plan for her day, then drop it when her husband calls and asks her and the children to meet him for lunch this afternoon. This is the “prepared yet flexible.”  Yet none of this comes about apart from her Savior.

Only with the gentle spirit given by God does she flow through her day, caring for husband and children and completing tasks without frustration.  Again, she must know her role, see the value, and find the art.

The quote continues:

“Therefore, let us remember our position, fulfilling our office of queen with a kind of friendly dignity. It is a noble, high, important and sometimes difficult position…

But God will guide our steps if we keep our eyes on He who appointed us. And we will find joy within the authoritative yet loving relationship we were meant to establish with our children.”

But God will guide our steps if we keep our eyes on He who appointed us.  And we will find joy…


Joyful Aprons Contest Winner!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest to win an apron from my site, Joyful Aprons!

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We have a winner:

Congratulations to Amanda Zielinski!  An email was sent earlier this morning with all the details.  I hope you enjoy what you choose Amanda!!

P.S. We’ll have another Christmas giveaway in a few weeks too!